The first step is completing a time audit for two weeks to track how you spend your time. The audit consists of a worksheet that you complete in fifteen minute increments with your activities during that time. Once the file is completed, a customized report is generated analyzing how you spend your time and providing suggestions for improvement.

It’s ideal to pair this analysis with a live session with a coach. During that 30 minute session, the coach will briefly review your audit results and discuss your goals and priorities in order to provide even more customized suggestions on how to organize your time to accomplish more of what’s important to you.

Time management coaching, formerly only accessible to the wealthy, is now incredibly affordable. Your initial customized time audit analysis and report cost only $25 and will allow you to make strides toward becoming more efficient with your time. Each 30-minute coaching session costs just $25 as well and will provide focused guidance and support to enable you to rapidly achieve your short-term goals.

Most people will see some improvements upon reviewing and implementing the suggestions in their time audit report, especially if they pair it with a live session. In order to provide ongoing accountability and monitor progress, weekly or monthly coaching sessions may be advisable. The 30 minute sessions can be scheduled at your convenience and are a good time to check on progress, discuss challenges and work together to find solutions.

For the same reason that many people hire personal trainers, coaches provide external accountability and unbiased feedback. We’re all capable of putting our workout clothes on, driving to the gym and running and lifting weights – but many of us need someone to motivate us. Many thousands of people have successfully lost weight with Weight Watchers despite knowing before joining the program that in order to lose weight, they have to eat less and exercise more. The support and accountability that the group provides are the key to success.

High school athletes don’t become professionals on their own – they need a team of coaches supporting, encouraging and developing them to be their best. Same goes for performers, business executives, and politicians –  it takes a third party to develop your skills and overcome your shortcomings. Parents, teachers and mentors are all coaches.

If you are reading this, chances are you are having at least some trouble solving your time management concerns on your own. The role of a coach is to motivate, encourage and support while also providing valuable guidance and feedback, from a place of genuine caring and desire to see you succeed. Coaching is a partnership designed to help you become your best self!

Although you might stumble across a few helpful ideas, generic “tips and tricks” aren’t customized for your unique lifestyle and situation. Time management coaches take a holistic approach, which involves understanding not just your schedule and challenges but also helping to develop goals and priorities in order to ensure that you devote time to the things that really matter to you. Only with this framework can a specific plan and actions be developed to help you be more efficient.

All sessions are fully refundable and there are no contracts – you can stop anytime if you feel the process isn’t yielding results.